Thinking About Online High School?

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 27 July 2016. Posted in Homeschooler

Thinking About Online High School?

If you’re thinking about online schooling, you probably have at least a few questions. How much will it cost? When will I graduate? Will I even like it? You may have looked through online high school FAQ pages along with other research to answer these questions.

The truth is, online high school offers many opportunities that public schools don’t, so they’re worth looking into. Some of the main differences you’ll notice when researching online schools are the pacing, cost, and atmosphere they offer.

1. Self-paced

Online schooling is self-paced. You don’t have to keep to a rigid class schedule or worry about unfair assignment deadlines. You study and work at your own speed, completing each assignment in your own time. This means there’s no falling behind or being penalized for tardiness, and in many cases, you can actually graduate faster with an online program than you could in a public school.

2. Learn When You Want

One of the biggest differences you’ll notice is the change in schedule. Online high school offers a great opportunity for you to create your own schedule, along with your own school year. If you want to graduate as soon as possible, it’s time to get to work and start cramming!

3. Educational opportunities

With public schools, you get whatever the leadership in your school system decides that you need. You might have a little freedom of which classes to take, but only a little. Online programs, on the other hand, may offer classes that your public school does not, like fitness courses or personal finance skills classes.

When choosing an online high school, make sure to do your research. You can start by checking out our online high school FAQ and program information pages to help you make a decision.

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