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Questions on enrolling?
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Steps to Becoming a Virtual High School Student at JMHS

Written by James Madison High School on Tuesday, 03 October 2017. Posted in Adult Learner, Traditional Students

Steps to Becoming a Virtual High School Student

There are lots of reasons to complete your secondary education through a virtual high school.

Are you dealing with medical issues that make attendance difficult? Are you an adult learner who needs an online high school diploma because of work? Are you a high school athlete with a busy practice and competition schedule

No matter the situation, James Madison High School is an accredited online high school that offers quality education for general high school and college prep diplomas.

Getting started at a virtual high school is easy. Here are the steps you need to take to enroll at JMHS.

Transfer Your Credits

If you’ve completed even one semester at another high school, transferring credits will save you some money and class time. To get credit for those previous classes, you must submit an official transcript to JMHS within 90 days of enrolling.

We’ve made it easy for you to get what you need. Just download and print the High School Transcript Request Form. Fill out the form and send it to your previous school. They will deliver your school records directly to JMHS. Be sure to check with your old school about any fees.

Complete Your Enrollment Forms Online

When you’re ready to enroll at JMHS, it’s easy to get started. All you need is your name, a valid email address and your contact information. Then you choose which online homeschool program and classes are right for you.

Create a Study Schedule

Attending a virtual high school may be more flexible than a traditional high school. But online high school still requires effort and focus.

Whether you’re juggling school with a full-time job, family life, or athletic competitions, it’s important to set aside time for your studies. Try to make school a habit by studying on a regular schedule every day and every week. Schedule time off, too, and map out extra time when tests or projects are due.

Create a Study Space

Switching from a classroom environment to a virtual high school can take some adjustment. No one else is responsible for making sure you complete your school work anymore. It’s all up to you!

Before you get started on the path to distractions, assess your personality. Do you need a quiet place to study or is background noise helpful? Do you need to work at a formal desk or is a bean bag chair more comfortable? Do you like to take in big chunks of information at once or break things up into shorter time periods? Every student is different and online homeschooling lets you settle in to the perfect environment for learning. Use that to your advantage.

Having a good experience at a virtual high school starts with a smooth admissions process and continues with your optimized learning process. These guidelines should help you maintain focus and have confidence as you earn your online high school diploma from JMHS.

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