Online High School – The GED Alternative

Written by Allison Brenner on Wednesday, 02 July 2014. Posted in Helpful Tips

Online High School – The GED Alternative

There is no doubt that the more education you have the better your prospects in life. No matter how long it's been since you've seen the inside of a classroom, making the commitment to complete your secondary education is an enormous decision. By now, you've probably considered taking the GED examination; it's fast, and it reasonably satisfies the need to show proof of your credentials, but do a bit more research and you'll find many compelling reasons that returning to high school online is the better choice for your future. Let's examine a few of the most compelling reasons.

Career Advancement

Employers value a diploma over a GED because it shows you've earned a quality education and taken the courses required to move you into higher education and into the real world. Your diploma is the result of your mastery in a wide range of subjects including math, science and foreign languages. In addition, you'll have far more job opportunities after completing high school online.

Higher Pay

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, having your high school diploma can allow you to earn up to $7,152 a year more than with a GED. Think of it this way: a 25-year-old with a high school diploma who works full time over 40 years could make as much as $280,000 more over the course of her work life. Those aren't peanuts!

Future Education

Furthering your education with online high school allows you to start your studies at a college or university without further testing. Many colleges and universities often require those with a GED to take entrance exams and remedial courses in math and language arts before beginning general education courses.

With a Diploma Earned through Online High School you can:

  • Get Better Job Opportunities
  • Stay Employed Consistently
  • Get Higher Pay & Make More Money
  • Continue on to College
  • Save Money & Build Wealth
  • Avoid Relying on Government Assistance

Blast through the Barriers Keeping you from Personal Achievement!

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