Online High School or GED?

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Online High School or GED?

Attending an online high school is a great way to earn your high school diploma. A high school diploma is essential for your career and for pursuing future educational opportunities. Most employers require at least a high school diploma, as do all colleges and most trade schools.

Another popular option is to earn a GED, or General Educational Development degree. A GED is an alternative to a high school diploma, but is not actually a high school degree. To earn a GED you must take four subject tests in math, science, language arts & reading, and social studies.

While some people might feel the GED is the best option for them, data suggests that GED earners generally receive a lower income than high school graduates. GED earners also typically don’t have as many opportunities for advancement as someone who earned a high school diploma. For these reasons, attending an online high school is often a better decision for many students.

Sometimes Traditional High Schools Just Don't Work

Unfortunately, some people cannot pursue a diploma at their local high school. The quality of local schools vary from district to district, and some simply aren't good enough. Some students have trouble dealing with all of the distractions in a traditional setting. Bullying, medical conditions, family commitments, and many other issues can all prevent students from pursuing a traditional degree.

By attending an online high school, you can earn a high school diploma without having to deal with the hassle of a traditional high school. An online high school offers the best of all worlds. You can enjoy a flexible schedule that you set yourself, while earning your high school diploma online from a quality school Even though you won’t be sitting in a classroom, you will have the proper coursework, teachers and study groups, to help you study and learn.

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