Online High School Helps Balance Dreams and Academics

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Online High School Helps Balance Dreams and Academics

Students have dreams, hobbies and passions. But it can be a balancing act to make time for them while working toward a high school diploma

James Madison High School is the solution!

Teens who struggle to balance academics with other interests have a lot to gain by attending an online high school like JMHS. Studying for a high school diploma online gives active students the freedom to schedule schoolwork around their other interests. Class time at a virtual high school can be at any time. So, by earning a high school diploma online, students get the room to dream without completely leaving education behind.

The Flexibility of Earning a High School Diploma Online

At an online high school like JMHS, students don't have scheduling constraints on their dreams. 

Every year, around 2,500 students graduate from virtual high school at JMHS, proving how successfully they balanced their outside interests with their educations.

Studying online at JMHS frees up time for a world of possibilities for a student who wants to:

  • Become a musician. Online high school allows young musicians to tour or travel to competitions without sacrificing important academic requirements.
  • Train as an athlete. Virtual high school provides students who shine in sports with a non-traditional study schedule that can free up more time for practice and competitions. 
  • Dance, model, or act. Working towards a high school diploma virtually lets young dancers, actors and even models attend auditions, train and rehearse without crowding a standard school day schedule.

Young people don't have to set aside passions to make time for a high school diploma. Students who work toward online high school diplomas never have to choose between making time for school and making time for dreams. The 24/7 student portal provided by JMHS virtual high school offers flexible learning through flexible scheduling so high schoolers can do education on their own terms.

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