An Online High School Diploma is Ideal for NCAA-Hopeful Student Athletes

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An Online High School Diploma is Ideal for NCAA-Hopeful Student Athletes

Student athletes who are NCAA-bound may want the flexible schedule of online homeschool even though they know that not all online high school diplomas are equal. The NCAA has academic requirements for college sports hopefuls and, traditionally, brick-and-mortar schools are what meet them.

Now, James Madison High School gives student athletes a virtual high school program that doesn’t compromise on NCAA Division I and Division II eligibility requirements. With 40 NCAA-approved online courses, JMHS can provide student athletes with a solid education on a flexible schedule.

Student Athletes Have Unique Needs

Student athletes have unique needs. If they're aiming for college sports, they will have busy practice and competition schedules on top of school.

The NCAA doesn’t want student athletes to think school is less important than sports. That’s why it sets academic requirements for the high school courses that will add up to their future athletes’ online high school diplomas.

NCAA sports programs have ability requirements, too. To achieve them, college-bound student athletes may need the freedom to train outside the confines of a traditional school. Maintaining their health, strengthening their bodies, and developing mental focus can be difficult when enrolled at a brick-and-mortar school. At JMHS, student athletes can work through an online high school curriculum of NCAA-approved high school courses and do so on a flexible schedule that leaves plenty of room for training.

Student Athletes Who Went from Homeschooled to Pros

  • Tim Tebow ­– American professional football and baseball player
  • Serena Williams and Venus Williams – American professional tennis players
  • Blake Griffin and Taylor Griffin – American professional basketball players
  • Bethany Hamilton – American professional surfer

Student athletes who are also homeschoolers are not a new phenomenon. But NCAA approved high school courses for non-traditional students have only existed since the ‘90s. Today, those include classes for a JMHS online high school diploma – a win-win for students heading into the NCAA, straight into the pros, or participating in sports for fun.

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