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Online High School Can Enhance Adult Productivity

Written by James Madison High School on Tuesday, 19 December 2017. Posted in Adult Learner

Online High School Can Enhance Adult Productivity

There are a few different ways you can earn your high school diploma: traditional brick-and-mortar school, night school or online high school. As an adult returning to high school to finish your diploma, you need to structure your schooling around work and family. Attending high school online has some unique advantages–in addition to the flexible schedule–that can help you become more productive as an adult. Here’s why.

Independent Learning and Problem Solving

At an online high school like James Madison High School (JMHS), you are responsible for guiding your own learning. You must be proactive about figuring out lessons you don’t understand. As an adult in the workforce, you will often have to figure things out on your own; your boss won’t babysit you every step of the way. Figuring out how to learn on your own with little guidance is an invaluable skill you will use throughout adulthood.

At JMHS, there are no teachers hovering over you, watching to see if you need help. The online high school does provide academic help through certified teachers and academic advisors, but you have to be proactive, reach out to them, and ask questions.


The curriculum for earning your high school diploma online at JMHS is self-paced. That means you are in charge of your own schedule. One of the biggest benefits of online high school is the flexible schedule that allows you to schedule your studies around your work, family, and other interests. But, you will have to learn how to balance all your obligations in order to be successful.

Technology Training

Understanding technologically is key for modern day success. At JMHS, everything is done online. Your textbooks are online. Your student community is online. Even your teachers, advisors and tutors are online. Through your coursework, you will develop a solid familiarity with online technology.

As an adult learner attending an online high school, you can harness the power of independent learning and build skills to can make you more productive and successful in other areas of life.

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