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New Year’s Resolutions that Make a Difference!

Written by James Madison High School on Thursday, 29 December 2016. Posted in Helpful Tips, Homeschooler

New Year’s Resolutions that Make a Difference!

It’s time to look forward to the New Year with hope and anticipation of improving ourselves and our quality of life. Typically, we make some awesome resolutions that seem to fade away around the third week of January. Maybe we can change that this time for online homeschool students, including those already working with James Madison High School.

Here are three ideas for great and attainable New Year’s Resolutions:

Focus on Career Assessments

If you are an online homeschool student in your Junior or Senior year, how about a resolution to discover your future career path?

Most High Schools focus on Academia and GPA and spend hardly any time on career assessment. You could take an online assessment that covers over 70 areas of human development, including your strengths, weaknesses and needs. This analysis could also show you some career or college options that would be a good fit for you.

This can help you save time and money trying to find out your fit later in life. Why wait?

Human Interactions

Being an online homeschool student is not always about studying online or even social media— it’s about interacting with real people in real life. How about setting a New Year’s Resolution to volunteer your time at a church or charity once a month? This resolution gets you out of your house and potentially out of your comfort zone, and allows you to truly connect with others for a greater cause. Start with once a month, and see if you can work your way up!

Save, Save, Save

Lastly, if you have an income or an allowance, why not set a New Year’s Resolution to increase your savings by 10 percent each month? You can easily achieve this goal by lowering your spending by the same amount.

Did you really need those new shoes? If you could save just a bit more each month, you could create a discipline that will return a huge benefit to you over the course of your lifetime. Think about that as a great New Year’s Resolution.

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