NCAA Hopefuls Look to Online Homeschooling for Educational and Performance Goals

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NCAA Hopefuls Look to Online Homeschooling

For student athletes, training takes up a lot of time. That can be a struggle for young NCAA-hopefuls who need to be as serious about school as they are about sports. JMHS can help them meet educational goals and achieve peak performance in their sport on a flexible schedule.

Online Homeschooling for Educational Goals

The curriculum for a College Prep Diploma from JMHS is an accredited program of NCAA-eligible courses. The 23-credit-hour program includes courses the NCAA recognizes as foundational for college. Algebra, physics, history, Spanish and more add up to a challenging and engaging curriculum for college bound students.

One JMHS college prep success story is graduate Alexander Free who went on to play NCAA Division I tennis for the University of Texas at Tyler.

Online Homeschooling for Athletic Performance

Free and his parents chose JMHS over some high-profile options for high school. Their choice paid off in much more than academics.

As an athlete with above-average skill, Free used online homeschooling to achieve more than a local school may have granted him. Instead of being limited to a local, high school tennis team, JMHS allowed Free to compete on a national level. He trained like a pro while managing his college aspirations.

Online Homeschooling for Flexibility

Free competed in tennis matches all over the US because his school days at JMHS were flexible. He completed his coursework as time permitted around his tennis schedule.

“Instead of sitting at a desk,” Free said of his JMHS experience, “most of my school work was done between tennis matches in a variety of hotel rooms around the country. What I lacked in traditional experiences, I made up for by visiting over 30 states in four years."

JMHS offers personalized study and opportunities not provided by traditional high schools. The quality college prep courses, NCAA recognition and flexibility could be just what every talented young athlete needs to reach his or her dreams. It certainly worked for Alexander Free.

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