How to Stay Focused On a Course

Written by James Madison High School on Thursday, 24 March 2016. Posted in Homeschooler

How to Stay Focused On a Course

Your mind wanders and your eyes start to close. We’ve all had that one course where staying focused on the subject seems impossible. It feels like earning your high school diploma online is light years away. But fear not, my daydreaming friend! Whether the course simply bores you, or the subject is redundant, there are ways to keep up the grades in a course that lulls you to sleep.

1. Avoid distractions while learning

The first step is to absorb as much as you can while doing your work. Take a seat in a chair where you are comfortable. This will help keep your focus on the subject and away from distractions. Keep your phone in a different room to get rid of its temptation – even if just for this one course!

2. Listen to music while you study to get in the zone

Although research on the subject is inconclusive, listening to music while studying can work wonders on getting some people in “the zone”. It’s recommended to stay away from music with lyrics though, as the words can easily distract you from your work. Stick to tunes that help you concentrate on studying, whether it’s EDM or classical (or maybe a bit of both), and you’ll be more focused on the class material.

3. Make a designated study environment

Choose a special place for your studying, where you don’t do anything else. Make it a haven for focus, away from electronics (except for your music). Don’t study in your bed, in front of a TV or where you have access to games.

4. Study in 30 minute intervals

The best way to study for any course is in timed chunks. Your ability to retain information decreases drastically after about 30 minutes, so give yourself a little break every half hour. Use this break to have a snack, some water and a light stretch. Going on Facebook or turning on the TV during your break is a sure way to say ‘bye-bye’ to your study session!

After envisioning what the wrong college would look like, hopefully you’ve managed to narrow your list down to one survivor. Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back! Some of the best years of your life await!

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