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How to Choose Your College Major While in High School

Written by James Madison High School on Thursday, 07 January 2016. Posted in College Bound, Helpful Tips

How to Choose Your College Major While in High School

Choosing a college major while you’re in high school is not always an easy task, but rest assured it is something you can begin thinking about right now. You can begin by asking yourself what interests you to such a degree that you want to dedicate much of your life to it. What can you see yourself getting up to do each day? Of course, some interests come and go, but what are the things that really get you excited? What makes you feel most passionate? You don’t have to compare your interests to others or feel compelled to do what your parents or friends do for a living. Your life is uniquely yours and your path will be uniquely yours.

High school is a vital segment of your life

There are plenty of high school students who simply focus on having fun during their teen years and slack off when it comes to thinking about their future. Of course, movies and popular culture certainly do contribute to this some. The truth is that the high school years are a vital segment of everyone's education. Those years are preparing you for your adult life and vocation. In order to utilize these years in the best way, it's wise to start thinking about your college major while you're right in the midst of high school. If you haven't already done so, consider taking career aptitude tests to see what career fields most appeal to you, as some of these types of tests are available for free online like this one from the Princeton Review.

Preparing With Your Online High School Program

Preparation is crucial when it comes to choosing your major. There are a myriad of possibilities out there, and you will definitely be able to find the ideal college major if you take time to gauge your interests, gifts, and abilities. Fortunately, you are not on your own when it comes to educating yourself in order to choose the right college or major. There are plenty of people and institutions that are helping high school students prepare for their future- not to mention your parents. In fact, schools like James Madison High School assist students in getting their high school diploma online and prepare them for choosing a college major that is ideal for them.

Choose a customizable educational experience

Standard high schools simply put students through processes that provide them with conventional education. This leaves them with a rather limited view of what they truly want to do with their lives. If you choose to acquire your high school diploma online, you will gain access to a truly customizable educational experience. Your interests and passions will be further developed and you will be able to fully develop the idea of what you want to take on as your career. With the development of new technologies, you are finally able to take your future more into your own hands, yet have easy access to advisors and professionals who can help you with insight and goal setting.

Gaining your high school diploma online is a great way to graduate on your own terms. If you start thinking about your college major now, by the time you enter college you'll be able to relax and enjoy the college journey rather than contend with a lot of anxiety about figuring out a major.

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