High School Diploma vs GED

Written by Allison Brenner on Wednesday, 26 February 2014. Posted in Helpful Tips

High School Diploma vs GED

Reaching future goals is dependent on having a quality education. Attending college, starting a career or opening your own business all rely on achieving a high school diploma or the General Educational Development certificate, better known as the GED. The question of whether to choose to earn your high school diploma or GED is often debated by students, but which is better?

Both educational tracks have their merits. The student is tested on similar information in both the diploma and the GED program in regard to math, science, social studies, and language arts. Even so, there are differences in the two programs.

Traditionally, the GED is looked upon as a substitute when completing a high school diploma is not an option. Earning a high school diploma shows you have learned the full curriculum, whereas the GED only teaches enough material needed to pass the test. A GED is NOT equivalent to an accredited high school diploma! Although both teach the basics, a diploma program provides a more comprehensive education.

It’s not just the basic courses that are important. Other classes in high school programs enable students to study subjects that interest them, perhaps leading them towards figuring out what they want to do with their lives. These classes are more in-depth and offer a solid foundation that you cannot get in just the basic GED courses. Although passing the GED test requires strong foundational academic skills, it doesn't offer the advanced educational opportunities that are available in most high schools. The knowledge gained in these courses prepares graduates for postsecondary study in a way that a test never could.

While many employers and colleges regard a high school diploma and a GED as equivalent, they tend to favor the traditional high school diploma. The actual diploma shows that you put more effort into your education in comparison to just studying enough to pass a test. Earning a diploma also demonstrates to future employers or college admissions advisors that you are a more well rounded individual.

In choosing an accredited high school program, such as the James Madison online high school program, you are taking an important step toward creating the future you deserve. Your high school diploma will surely benefit you for years to come, no matter what goals you set out to achieve.

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