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Helpful Tips for New JMHS Students This Summer

Written by James Madison High School on Tuesday, 23 May 2017. Posted in Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips for New JMHS Students This Summer

If you’re planning to enroll in online summer school this year, consider regionally accredited James Madison High School. You’ll get flexible and affordable education and have the ability to learn at your own pace—a real perk, especially in the summer! But since summer school probably wasn’t what you had in mind when you pictured your ideal summer, we’ve got a few tips to help you through online summer school.

Develop A Schedule. And Stick to It

Flexibility is great and all, but what it really means is that you have the opportunity to create your own schedule. Even though you’re learning online, you still need a routine! Setting a schedule that will work for you is a great way to stay on track, and will give you the opportunity to still enjoy your summer at the same time.

Set Goals

What do you want to achieve via your online summer school? Obviously, the end goal is your high school diploma, but you should also set mini goals along the way to help you from getting discouraged. Take a look at the schedule you just created and add in where you’d like to achieve certain milestones. This will both help you keep your eyes on the ultimate prize, but also make you feel good about your progress.

Be Organized

While online summer school does give you the opportunity to work wherever and whenever you feel like it, it could be easy for things to fall into disarray. It’s still in your best interest to create a work station and keep your materials organized. Create an area where you can get into your best mind space and easily access wherever you left off. This will help streamline your online summer school learning process.

Stay Positive

Any time you’re learning, but especially during online summer school, you really need to maintain a positive attitude. Studying can be difficult, and some of the subjects won’t be your favorite. You may even find yourself wondering why you started online summer school in the first place. But if you can keep a positive outlook and remind yourself the ultimate goal, any struggles you encounter will all be worth it.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to enroll yourself in online summer school atJames Madison High School and be on your way toward high school diploma. Best of luck to you!

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