Five Amazing Online Accredited High School Diploma Classes

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Five Amazing Online Accredited High School Diploma Classes

Earning an online accredited high school diploma is a great choice for many students. Not only can you earn a degree on your terms, but you can also take a huge range of interesting classes. Keep in mind, if you decide to earn your online accredited high school diploma through James Madison High School, there are plenty more online high school courses to pick through, but here are five of our students’ favorite classes.

1. American History (College Prep)

From the discovery of America to modern times and everything in between, our American History (College Prep) course covers it all. You’ll learn about all of the significant events in our country’s history from a variety of resources.

2. World History (College Prep)

Want to learn about the world outside of the United States? Then our World History (College Prep) course is the one for you. This online accredited high school diploma course is very popular among students who want to learn about our global community’s past.

3. Earth Science

From the soil beneath our feet to the stars above our head, Earth Science will help you gain a grasp on what makes the world spin. Earth science might sound a bit dry, but the chance to learn about tectonic plates, astronomy and various other subjects has made this class a hit.

4. Spanish I

Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world, including millions on people In the United States. That’s why we offer Spanish online accredited high school diploma courses. You can start with Spanish I and work your way up to Spanish II and III. Take all three courses, and you’ll be speaking Spanish almost fluently!

5. Personal Finance

One of the complaints we frequently hear from students who want to leave traditional high school is that classes aren’t connected to the real world. That’s certainly not true with many of our online high school courses. With our personal finance course, you will learn how to manage your money in the real word. Now who doesn’t need that?!

If you don’t see the class for you, take a look at our full offering of online high school courses.

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