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Earn Your Adult High School Diploma, We Can Help

Written by James Madison High School on Tuesday, 31 October 2017. Posted in Adult Learner, Helpful Tips

Earn Your Adult High School Diploma We Can Help

You’ve put off your high school diploma for so many reasons over the years. Now, the idea of going back to high school as an adult probably feels daunting.

In truth, earning your adult high school diploma now is the easiest it’s ever been! As soon as you’re ready, you can do it all with the help of James Madison High School. Our flexible, affordable, accredited online programs were made to help you achieve this goal.

A Flexible Adult High School Diploma

We know it’s extremely important for you, as an adult student, to feel in control of your time. By choosing to complete your high school diploma online at JMHS, you get to do it on your own terms. Our flexible schedule makes it possible for you to do your coursework and studies when it’s most convenient for you.

Instead of attending class in-person and at a pre-scheduled time, JMHS lets you choose when to log on to class and from where to log on. Turn your lunch break into study time. Or go to class after the kids are tucked in. You get to create your own a high school that works for you!

An Affordable Adult High School Diploma

Cost shouldn’t keep you from finishing your high school diploma. When you choose an online high school program like ours, you don’t have to help carry the cost of school building maintenance, parking, or athletics. JMHS tuition is affordable because it covers just what you need as an adult high school student and none of those extras you don’t need.

We offer tuition payment options that make it easy for you to manage your budget. You can pay in full or pay by the month. And, if you have credits from your old high school, you can transfer them for a savings of $50 per credit, too. Your previous efforts still count! We’ll review your old transcripts and apply as many of those credits as possible to your diploma.

An Accredited Adult High School Diploma

Waiting to finish your diploma doesn’t mean you can’t have a quality education. No matter when you decide to make it happen, graduating from high school should open your life to bigger opportunities. JMHS holds valuable accreditations so you can trust the value of your diploma.

Whether you choose to earn a General Diploma or a College Prep Diploma, multiple accrediting bodies hold JMHS accountable for legal and educational standards. Either one of our programs will boost your value in the job market, and boost your self-confidence, too.

If your goal is to finally get your high school diploma, JMHS is here to help you do it!

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