Considering an Adult High School Diploma Program? Do it Online!

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Considering an Adult High School Diploma Program? Do it Online!

Going back to school to earn your high school diploma as an adult is a tough choice, but it’s a great decision that can have a positive effect on your life by setting you up for greater success. At James Madison High School (JMHS), we offer an online adult high school diploma program that’s ideal for a non-traditional student like you.

Transfer Credits

If you have some coursework under your belt from a previous school, you can save time and money by transferring those credits to JMHS. There are two types of diplomas offered through our adult high school diploma program. Both require 23 credits that can include up to 17 transfer credits.

Diploma Types

The JMHS high school diplomas for adults are designed to meet your academic needs as well as your scheduling needs.

General Diploma. The General Diploma provides a comprehensive curriculum of basics with opportunities for electives. The General Diploma is a good option if you need an accredited high school diploma to progress at work, start a new job, or if you’re interested in attending a trade school.

College Prep Diploma. The College Prep Diploma provides a rigorous foundation of English, math, science, history, and foreign language–the courses you need to prepare for a post-secondary education. If you’re considering attending a two or four-year college, or if you desire a more challenging education, the College Prep Diploma is for you.

Set Yourself Up for Success

JMHS created high school diploma programs for adults so school can be on your terms. Both diploma programs allow you to work at your own pace. As an adult student, you’re adding school to an already busy life that probably includes work, family, and friends, too. JMHS wants to set you up for success by offering resources designed for you, like digital access to academic advice, tips for creating good study habits and guidance for setting goals.

Online & No Commute Time

Time is precious. With online learning, you’ll never waste time traveling to and from school. JMHS provides online access to books, lesson plans, a student community, and even a Learning Resource Center.

Through JMHS, you will enjoy great freedom and flexibility. From choosing the type of diploma that’s best for you to using the tremendous number of resources provided, your education and success can be on your terms.

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