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Questions on enrolling?
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Why Parents Shouldn't Be Afraid of Virtual High School for Their Kids

Written by James Madison High School on Tuesday, 20 March 2018. Posted in For Parents, Helpful Tips

Why Parents Shouldn't Be Afraid of Virtual High School for Their Kids

Are you the parent of a typical teen who spends hours holed up in his room amid ever-growing mounds of laundry and snack wrappers, playing on the computer? With all the warnings about limiting screen time, you may be wondering if a virtual high school is such a good idea after all. To demonstrate the value of online education, here's a little true-and-false quiz on the myths and facts about remote learning.

1. Online High School is Easier Than Traditional Learning.

False. Instructors report that designing online courses challenges them to be better teachers because they have to find highly-engaging ways to present the material. Students hone reading and writing skills and gain considerable self-discipline when enrolled in online courses.

2. Online Programs Aren't Accredited

False. Just as with traditional schools, some online schools may not be accredited. Online high school courses must meet the same high standards as on-ground courses in order to be certified.

3. Employers and Colleges Won't Recognize a Virtual High School Diploma.

False. While some employers need educated about online schools, others instantly recognize that the skills students gain through virtual learning, such as time-management, are vital in the workplace. Colleges will also accept diplomas from accredited online high schools.

4. Online Learners Can Receive Financial Aid for College.

True. Students who qualify shouldn't face any additional barriers to receiving college tuition assistance because of attending an online high school.

5. Homeschooling Online Provides Opportunities for Students to Connect with Their Teachers and Each Other.

True. Students can talk to their certified teachers via email, Skype, or chat. Virtual high school courses frequently include group projects.  Those who feel shy about speaking up in a traditional classroom setting may have an easier time contributing to online discussions. JMHS provides a strong sense of community through active online community, with extracurricular activities, such as The Writer's Corner, a publication for student authors, poets, novelists, and artists.

6. Cheating is Especially Likely at a Virtual High School.

False. Cheating can happen anywhere, but certified teachers know how to keep two steps ahead of students who try to violate the honor system, including software programs that help recognize plagiarism.

As you can see, a virtual high school does not put students at a disadvantage when pursuing college or employment. With general and college-prep tracks available, teens today can find the right path for their future needs. Questions? Call us at 1-800-349-6861 to learn more.

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