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A Parent’s Guide to Online Homeschool

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 05 August 2020. Posted in For Parents

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As a new school year approaches, many parents are struggling to decide whether to send their students back to school or enroll them in a homeschooling program. While traditional high schools are putting social distancing measures in place to aid in the safety of teachers and students during the pandemic, you might still have reasonable concerns about the health of your children in a public school setting. You’ve thought about homeschooling, but you’re not sure how to go about it. What’s the right move for your student and your family? As you’re considering the pros and cons of each option, take a look at this guide to online homeschooling for parents to help you decide if James Madison High School could be the best fit for helping your student complete their education.

Is the JMHS curriculum similar to what’s taught in public school?

One concern you may have, whether your child attends a public, private, or online school, is the quality of the curriculum. Will your student be taking the classes they need to? At James Madison High School, that answer is yes! Our high school program requires 23 credits to graduate. Students take standard subjects like science and history. They also cover English and math courses that are aligned to common core standardsCollege Prep Pathway.

Is a James Madison diploma legitimate?

Besides having a curriculum aligned to the subjects students should be studying in any high school setting, James Madison High School’s online diploma program is accredited, ensuring that your student’s education is legitimate. Our high school is nationally accredited through the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

Earning and maintaining these accreditations is no easy task. James Madison and our classes are subject to review in order to renew our accreditation and must meet the regional and national standards of accrediting bodies in order to keep that designation. Having accreditation means that the high school classes students take are up to date and provide a quality education.

How does online homeschooling work?

Online homeschool works similarly to public school in that students take English, math, history, and science classes to earn their diploma. However, unlike public school, all classes are available online through a Student Portal. Lessons, quizzes, exams, and even digital textbooks are a click away when a student logs in to start studying.

JMHS’s online classes are flexible and self-paced, allowing you to work with your student to determine the best school schedule and set graduation goals. With no mandatory log in hours or due dates, students can move through coursework as quickly or slowly as they like, ensuring they absorb the information they’re learning their way.

While online homeschool offers an independent way to learn, you can be assured that your student won’t be alone if they run into a question or are unsure of something they’re reading. State certified teachers are available by phone and email to walk them through their questions so they can better understand the material. Even better, you don’t have to act as the teacher and rearrange your work schedule. As a parent, you can be involved in their learning too, through access to their Student Portal.

How to decide if online high school is right for your child

While there are concerns over sending your child to school because of the COVID-19 crisis, you may still be unsure about online homeschool. Is it the right fit for your student’s needs? Consider these questions to help you narrow down whether or not James Madison is the right way to go for your child’s education.

  • Can your student work independently?
  • Do they prefer working at a different speed than that of a traditional public school setting?
  • Do they have a part time job or other interest that can interfere with school hours?
  • Does your student have a specific career goal or want to finish high school early?

If the answer is “yes” to any or all of these questions, it might be worth discussing online school with your student. Is it something they think they can do?

Online homeschool can be a safe and flexible option this fall

With our rolling admissions, meaning your student can start whenever they—and you—are ready, you can take the time you need to be sure that online homeschool is the right fit. Whether you’re ready to get your student started or want to find out more about transfer credits, elective options, and more, reach out to our expert Admissions team at .

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