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7 Tips For Choosing The Right College

Written by James Madison High School on Wednesday, 20 May 2015. Posted in College Bound, Helpful Tips

7 Tips For Choosing The Right College

Graduating students can often be overwhelmed with the task of college selection and the process of application. By encouraging students throughout their high school education and giving them the tools to make decisions, we can assist them in selecting the right college. Students at JMHS not only finish with a high school diploma, but also a full education in preparation for college. Look to these seven tips to get the scoop on how to find the perfect fit for higher education.

1. Explore Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Time at James Madison High School should be spent exploring academics and self-evaluating your performances. Through introductory and exploratory classes, you should be able to discover your strengths and weaknesses as you begin to think about your high school diploma. Be honest with yourself because college can be tough. You might not want to be a doctor if you fainted watching an online dissection.

2. Identify Personal Interests

Through exploration of interests in the online classroom, students are able to really discover what they love. With this knowledge, further education and extracurricular activities can be pursued. For instance, what starts off as a love of botany in JMHS's online biology class, could mean you attend a science camp hosted by a college you may possibly attend.

3. Different Colleges

College is all about the perfect fit for you if you want it to be a successful experience. You need to make a list of what you want from your collegiate experience. Do you want to stay in state or go out of state, a two-year school or a four-year school, or private or public education? Start to ask questions and find answers.

4. Talk to the JMHS Staff and Support System

At JMHS, we are proud you are getting ready to graduate. Obtaining your high school diploma is a great milestone! As you explore college choices, make sure to utilize our staff as a support system. We would love to help you with this important step.

5. Take a Tour

With the educated conclusions made, the student should have a short list of schools of interest. If possible visits should be taken to these schools, colleges offer tours to prospective students to allow them to view facilities, explore campus and generally learn more about the school. If there is a chance to visit, also make some time to explore the town. In the event that visiting the college is not an option, plentiful information can be found online.

6. Consider Budget

It is important for students to consider the cost of school and how the expenses will be covered. By establishing a budget, a decision can be made about what is and what is not affordable. Additionally, by creating a budget ahead of time, students can know whether or not they will need to pursue scholarships, loans, and/or grants.

7. Go with Your Instinct

Finally, the school has to feel right! Encourage students to go with their gut feeling. They are going to spend many years at this institution and the decision must feel right.

College can be tough and the work does not end with obtaining a high school diploma. Be honest and realistic as you use our seven tips and JMHS to help you navigate the college selection highway.

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