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5 Reasons Online Homeschool is a Good Fit for Your Student

Written by James Madison High School on Thursday, 01 August 2019. Posted in For Parents

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You’re considering making a change and enrolling your child in an online homeschool for the first time, but you want to make sure you’re doing the right thing for them. Here’s how you can decide if online high school is the right fit for your student.

How to decide if online homeschool is right for your student.

As a new school year approaches, you’re considering making a change and enrolling your student in online homeschool. While you have your own reasons for thinking that online school is a better option for your child, you might be wondering whether or not it’s a good fit for them. After all, your main goal is to make sure they’re set up for success. Here’s how to decide if online high school is the right move for your student.

Your student learns at a different speed.

Traditional education is built around a pace that works for the majority of students, so those who need to slow it down or speed it up can sometimes find themselves lost or bored. If your student is one that needs to take their time processing information to really understand it, the advantage of online learning is that it is self-paced and allows students to really immerse themselves in their lessons. With no hard deadlines, they can read and re-read their study guides, textbooks, and notes as much as they need to in order to feel ready for an exam.

If your high school student learns quickly, an online school that doesn’t force them to work at a slower pace allows them the freedom to go through their courses at whatever speed they’re comfortable with. With online homeschooling, your child is able to tackle each subject and assignment on their terms, whether that means taking their time with subjects they find more difficult or speeding through information they already know.

They’re organized.

Organization alone isn’t going to determine whether or not your student succeeds in online high school, but it does help. Without the structure a brick and mortar classroom space offers, it can be easy for some learners to get disorganized. Keeping a neat study space, organizing notes and information, and being able to follow a weekly schedule with no issues will keep your student on track. They won’t lose study time searching for the right notebook, they’re better able to effectively manage their study time, and they have a clear idea of what they’re working toward.

If your student isn’t organized, that doesn’t mean that online school won’t work for them. In fact, having to manage their own time may encourage them to learn organizational skills that will benefit them later in life.

They have a specific goal in mind.

Your student knows what they want to do after graduation and they don’t want to wait to get started on that future. Whether they want to go to college early or jump into an apprenticeship or career right after high school, online homeschooling can allow them to graduate early. With courses being self-paced, your goal-oriented child can work on their studies whenever they have time.

They are independent.

Your high schooler is self-motivated and has always been able to stay on top of their assigned work. They know what study schedule works for them, and with some help from you, are happy to plan out their week. Their sense of independence allows you to feel confident in your student’s ability to self-motivate and get their classwork done.

They want an environment where they can be themselves.

Traditional education, in the public and private school system, can often feel rigid to students who don’t fit their school’s definition of “normal.” From being interested in making fun fashion choices to having “weird” hair colors, students can feel like they don’t belong. Online high school can allow them to be themselves while learning, giving them confidence and letting them grow into who they’ll become as an adult.

Online high school can work for anyone.

No matter their personality, though, online education can work for almost anyone. With self-paced courses that can be done wherever and whenever, academic advisors available by phone, and a curriculum that meets state and national standards, your student can finish high school on their terms. Find out how you can get your student started by speaking with our Admissions team at .

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