3 Facts and 1 Myth of Attending an Online High School

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3 Facts and 1 Myth of Attending an Online High School

There are a lot of facts and fiction floating around out there about online high schools. What’s true and what’s not when it comes to getting your high school diploma online? We’ve got three facts you need to know and the biggest myth-buster of all. Read on to learn more!

Fact #1: You Learn at Your Own Pace at an Online High School

One of the greatest things about online high school classes is that you can complete them whenever you want. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, or if you move at a faster or slower pace than others doesn’t matter. What counts is the flexibility that 24/7 access to your online high school courses brings.

Fact #2: Our Accredited Online High School Meets National Standards

Are you worried that your child won’t get the education she/he needs from a virtual high school? James Madison High School’s (JMHS) College Prep Diploma or General Diploma programs are both regionally and nationally accredited and follow the common core curriculum, a nationwide set of standards enacted by the National Governors Association. With an online high school diploma from JMHS, your child will learn all essential subjects required nationally. And if she’s up for the challenge, she can even take college level courses through eCore. So don’t fret; online high school is as academically rigorous as a traditional high school.

Fact #3: At a Virtual High School, The Possibilities Are Endless

When you enroll in online high school, the world is your oyster! You can take your classes at your favorite cafe as you sip on drip coffee or at your kitchen counter while you prep a healthy meal for yourself. If you need to go away for athletic competitions or help out with the family business, you can do exactly that and take classes from wherever you are! Whatever you need to do, an online high school is flexible. So long are you are committed to earning your diploma, you can fit coursework into your busy schedule from anywhere and make online learning work for you.

The Myth: Online High School Students Are Alone

This is the biggest myth of all. Not only do our students get extra attention from their instructors, as well as their parents, teens and adults who take our online high school courses have a great sense of community. Classes are designed to invite collaboration and socialization amongst students online. In addition, JMHS offers an active online community, as well as extracurricular options, such as the JMHS Writer’s Corner publication for budding authors, poets, novelists, and artists. The amount of interaction in online schooling is on-par with traditional schooling, with students discussing material with teachers and engaging with their peers on a consistent basis.

So there you have it--three facts (and one big myth) about online high school. If studying online for your high school diploma sounds like something you’d be interested in, what are you waiting for? Enroll today and earn your high school diploma online!

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