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Pre-Calculus Course

Our online Pre-Calculus course is a convenient way to make up a class, get ahead or supplement your homeschool curriculum. Study online at your own pace from anywhere — home, work or while on vacation. This two-part course is accredited by AdvancED-SACS. Enroll anytime and be a step closer to graduating with your high school diploma!


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You’ll get textbooks, eBooks, and all study materials for one low price of $299. You also get teacher support, unlimited tutoring and access to the online student community for 24/7 assistance.

Pre-Calculus eBooks Pre-Calculus Textbooks

What You’ll Study

Geometry review; construction; exponents and radicals; equations; inductive and deductive reasoning; similarity; intersecting secants; sine, cosine, and tangent; complex fractions; proofs of the Pythagorean theorem; advanced word problems; functions; logarithms; symmetry; quadrilaterals; trigonometric functions; lines and angles; reciprocals; conic sections, circles, and constants; conditional permutations; complex roots; unit multipliers; parabolas; sinusoids; abstract coefficients; color; complex numbers; percentiles; matrices; polygons; combinations; law of cosine; arithmetic and geometric progressions; identities; probability; changes of base; determinants; binomial expansions; series; conic sections; cofactors; convergents; rational numbers; logarithmic inequalities; zeros and roots; the remainder theorem; prime numbers; matrix algebra; graphs; proofs.



Course Name: Pre-Calculus
Subject Area: Mathematics
Credits: 1
Track: General, College Prep
Study Method: eBooks, Textbooks


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